My Ramadan Goal for 2018

We all need to set goals every now and then. Whether it’s a New Year, Birthday, or any special occasion, we set certain resolutions for ourselves whether we achieve or plan to achieve them or not. But Ramadan is a time when we try our best to do something nice. This year, I am planning… Continue reading My Ramadan Goal for 2018

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It’s never too late

Sometimes, there are things that truly inspire you from within and you just can’t stop talking about them. There are things and people you’re thankful for, you don’t always say it right away but when they’re gone, you only wish you had one last chance to tell them how thankful you had been to them… Continue reading It’s never too late

My Diary's Page

One Single Thought

While sitting randomly on my couch, one small yet deep question caught me wondering. “What are we here for?” We get up every day, go to work or whatever, eat, pray, watch something on TV, sleep and repeat the same routine every single day. Have you ever wondered what does this whole cycle give you?… Continue reading One Single Thought


My Ramadan Routine

This tray filled with yummy sweets was sent by IKEA last year as Ramadan greeting. So sweet, we have a mutual love relationship *goals* My most favorite month of the year is just around the corner (maybe tomorrow or day after is the first Roza) and as always, I am so excited about it. If… Continue reading My Ramadan Routine

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Favorite Thing: Nebulizing Diffuser from Organic Aromas

Are you a fan of well-scented home, some heart-warming elegance, and aromatherapy? If so, this post is EXCLUSIVELY for you! I have been using this diffuser over a month now and believe me, I don’t think it can replace anything else in my home. Being a huge fan of candles, air fresheners, and everything that… Continue reading Favorite Thing: Nebulizing Diffuser from Organic Aromas