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One Single Thought

While sitting randomly on my couch, one small yet deep question caught me wondering. “What are we here for?” We get up every day, go to work or whatever, eat, pray, watch something on TV, sleep and repeat the same routine every single day. Have you ever wondered what does this whole cycle give you?… Continue reading One Single Thought

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There Used to be a Time…

There used to be a time when I’d attach myself to tiny little things around and never let them go. Now I don’t have them anymore but I miss them. When I see them, I want them back. Is that normal? There used to be a time when if I spend more than 2 days… Continue reading There Used to be a Time…

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What Do We Do With All This Emptiness?

There comes a time when you feel empty inside out. Nothing amuses you and you just want to lie down, watch stuff, give a damn, don’t even talk or complain and let it be. You stare at the walls and feel blank. You watch TV but don’t understand what’s in it. You pray but don’t… Continue reading What Do We Do With All This Emptiness?

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Defining Mothers

Let’s say you’ve to define a mother. What would you say? Wait, I know. A woman who gave you birth, guarded you since you were conceived, took care of you at every stage of life, cried for you when you were sick, stayed awake all night to help you sleep and get away with nightmares,… Continue reading Defining Mothers

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If you’ve these 5 Habits, You’re a Born Leader

I have seen people in my life who are CEOs and Directors of big companies but it feels like they’re not worth it. And then there are those who are your random co-workers, department supervisors, or team members but you believe that they can be great leaders. Intentionally or unintentionally, they run the policies and… Continue reading If you’ve these 5 Habits, You’re a Born Leader