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Defining Mothers

Let’s say you’ve to define a mother. What would you say? Wait, I know. A woman who gave you birth, guarded you since you were conceived, took care of you at every stage of life, cried for you when you were sick, stayed awake all night to help you sleep and get away with nightmares,… Continue reading Defining Mothers

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For the Love of Love.

Falling in love is very easy but staying in it needs way too much than what we think. Commitment is a big thing in today’s world and not everyone desires to stay in life long commitments. Ideas change, personalities change and so do the people. But here I will talk all about love for the… Continue reading For the Love of Love.


Nominated for Liebster Award

I was very much elated after getting to know that my blog is one of the nominations in Asma’s KALEIDOSCOPE OF WORDS for this Liebster award. And also, I’ll recommend everyone to follow her blog as it’s worth a read 🙂 Here are her nominations: Coming back to this award, the rules are simple. If you’re nominated,… Continue reading Nominated for Liebster Award

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Happy Birthday, Pakistan!

It’s not just a birthday of my homeland but also is the moment to see the nation uniting, proving to be ONE and sharing happiness. Such moments rarely come in life, of being together hence we should not miss a chance. It’s the time when the blood goes green! Its the time when the nation giggles.… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Pakistan!


In Your Memory…

For me, our friendship has always been one of the best in my life, not mentioning “our” because for you it might not be the one. iMiss everything, our sharing things along with ego 😉 , our love, travelling on adventurous islands and you being a scary girl -_- Taking Photographs:  Oh, remember the-all-time-just-do-it thing… Continue reading In Your Memory…