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There Used to be a Time…

There used to be a time when I’d attach myself to tiny little things around and never let them go. Now I don’t have them anymore but I miss them. When I see them, I want them back. Is that normal? There used to be a time when if I spend more than 2 days… Continue reading There Used to be a Time…


Desert Royal by Jean Sasson: Book Review

The last book I reviewed of Jean Sasson was “Princess” and since then, I wanted to read all her books (they’re still on my list). These books are based on true stories and as per my temperament, I LOVE to read such stuff. I don’t like much of a fiction; love more of a Sufi,… Continue reading Desert Royal by Jean Sasson: Book Review

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Best Skincare Routine for Eczema

A lot of us suffer from Eczema and we all know that it has NO CURE! Like, it is annoying but you’ve to live with it. I’ve seen people having it on their face, and it’s totally frustrating. I get it because I myself have this problem, thank God, not on the face, though. I’ve… Continue reading Best Skincare Routine for Eczema

Beauty & Lifestyle

Hask Hair Treatment – Review

A few weeks ago in my haircare routine post, I mentioned about the brand called Hask because they have some great hair products. This time, they collaborated with me to review their other products for hair and specifically sent me their bestselling one – the charcoal with citrus oil. I NEVER used charcoal in my life… Continue reading Hask Hair Treatment – Review

Monthly Picks

Monthly Picks: November Release

Better late than never 😀 Haha! Had been so busy (as always) and couldn’t come up with this post in the middle of the month although I planned to (who follow the plans BTW?) Also, it’s LONG WEEKEND coming up this weekend! National Day holidays, YAY! In other news, I am flying to somewhere soon,… Continue reading Monthly Picks: November Release